How To Get Started Composting

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It can be hard to know how to get started composting, but it is really very simple. You just need the right kinds of waste, a place to do it, and a desire to compost. There may be more details along the way, but this is really how to get started composting.

Where To Do It

You can use a freeform heap or a compost bin. This is entirely up to you. Remember that an actual bin will offer more protection from infiltration by pests.

You will need a way to protect your compost bin from the elements when it rains. You do not want your compost pile to become waterlogged. This is an important detail to know about how to get started composting.

The Right Conditions

You can start adding organic materials as soon as you want. Adding some already composted material can accelerate the process or you can purchase products specifically designed to do just that at typical garden stores.

You will want to make sure that your compost bin has enough moisture to be damp but not enough to be completely soaked through. Too much water will impede the process.

The next step is to do nothing. After a week or so has passed, the compost will begin to rise in temperature and begin its decomposition.

You will want to make sure that the bin has enough air. You can do this by turning the contents to create room for air. Air is necessary for the composting to happen.

Turning the pile on a regular basis, perhaps weekly, should keep the process of decomposition going at a steady pace. Your product may be ready in as little as two months in you keep up with this practice.

The Final Stages

At some point, the composting bin contents will become less than they were at the onset. This is a good sign. It means that the decomposition process is taking place. When it is complete the volume will be only about half the original volume of the organic matter.

The end product should be a darker shade of brown. It should be similar to soil in appearance and texture. The original materials should not be discernible in the mixture. If they are, then it has not fully decomposed.

When it does reach this soil like state then you are ready to use it to make new plants grow.

Now you know how to get started composting. This is a richly rewarding process wherein you create your own compost and can facilitate the circle of life within your own yard. Once you know how to get started composting, you can continue it for a very long time.

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