Hateless Garden

We are currently Soil Testing and planning the beds for this garden set to launch in Spring 2021

This Garden is in partnership with Hateless Foundation. We are launching an educational garden to help produce food for the Break Bread Twice program and to help educate others on how to grow their own food in an organic way and understand the processes happening within the soil and within the plants. We plan to have weekly classes as part of the environmental day with Hatless’ Education Program

Claudette Colvin Memorial Garden & King Hill Urban Farm

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Purpose: To recognize and honor unsung hero Ms.Cluadette Colvin for her contributions to the world and to develop a cultural and community enhancement for the King Hill Neighborhood and the City of Montgomery.

Background: Ms. Claudette Colvin, a Montgomery Bus Boycott Pioneer, was 15 years old when she was arrested for not giving up her seat to a white woman. This was nine months before Rosa Parks’ famous arrest. It was said that Ms. Colvin’s actions sparked the Montgomery Bus Boycott Movement by catching the attention of Rev. Martin L King and NAACP member and secretary Rosa Parks. It was also Ms. Colvins’ court case Browder vs Gayle, that ended segregation on public transportation in Montgomery, Al. 

Although her story is hardly mentioned in the history books, her story is published world wide and is on the New York Times List as well as having won various noteworthy awards. Today, Ms. Colvin’s story is even more powerful because empowers young activists across the nation to stand up against social injustices and to continue the fight for civil rights. For the Claudette Colvin Memorial Garden, there are three phases: A raised garden bed area, a resting area, and a flower bed area with signage. The other accompanying lots will be production focused using a no-till method of farming and following the spirit of Booker T Whatley.


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