The Natural Mystique Of Orchids

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Steadily growing in popularity throughout the United States, Orchids are currently the second most popular potted flower according to recent sales, which increased by 12% last year alone. They are second only to poinsettias, which experienced a 2% decrease in sales last year.

In 2005, more than 18 million orchids were sold. According to the American Orchid Society, this increase further reflects the growth of the orchid’s popularity. Though a large part of the population previously believed that orchids were delicate, they are beginning to learn that they have many benefits to include being simple to maintain and they also have the ability to bloom year round.

Of the locations that are known to produce orchids, Florida and California are the nation’s leaders in production. Hawaii, also a state known for its beautiful flowers, is responsible for contributing 15% of orchid production. Together, these three states account for over 90% of America’s orchids. With more than 25,000 identified species, this is no small task. Forever known as being a flower of beauty and distinction, orchids are unmistakably mysterious. They have been used in film, commercials and are widely used as a backdrop in professional photography.

Because of the orchid’s beauty, they are also increasingly popular in home decor. A simple vase filled with orchids can light up a room in a way that few other flowers can. In fact, because they are as unique and mysterious in their design, orchids are a terrific centerpiece because they spark interest and conversation. As guests enter your home, they will find a vase of fresh orchids to be both warm and inviting.

The orchid is popular in ways that reach far beyond their beauty alone. In fact, they are the source of vanilla, which is a common ingredient used for cooking. In addition, vanilla is also used in lotion, perfume and scented candles. In addition to being beautiful to look at, orchids have also proven to be commercially beneficial in the production of vanilla and vanilla-scented products.

Some of the best occasions to give an arrangement of orchids include a birthday, wedding anniversary, message of thanks, congratulations or even to be carried as part of a bridal bouquet. The best way to prepare an arrangement of orchids is to visit your local florist or order online through a national service. During the ordering process, you will have the opportunity to provide a delivery address and instructions on how you would like for the gift card to read.

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