The Most Popular Roses For Growers

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As any rose gardener will tell you, there is nothing in the world more addicting than tending to these plants. Roses are the most popular flower in the world, and they offer a great option for any landscaping scheme, as they look good both when cared for every single day and also when they are left to their own devices. They can get by with as much or as little work as you want to put into them, and the sheer variety of roses is absolutely staggering. Single stem to multiple flowers, climbing roses to spreading bushes, giant plants to mini, and every color imaginable, there is a type of rose to fit every gardener’s taste. Among all the options, however, the most popular choice when it comes to roses is the hybrid tea rose.

The first Hybrid Tea rose was called Le France, and was introduced in 1867 by rose breeder Jean-Baptist Guillot. They were the result of crossing two original China roses with Bourbon and Noisette roses. These roses are considered to be more delicate than the other breeds, and are also the most popular species when it comes to those bought and sold in flower shops. This variety of rose blooms every six weeks in ideal conditions, although in colder areas it may only bloom once annually. They have large flowers (some with over 60 petals, five inches across!) with high centers, and may have a tea like scent to them. The plants themselves may grow to be six feet tall, or as short as three feet.

Although Hybrid Teas may be more delicate than other varieties, there are still many breeds available to suit any climate. If you are thinking about planting your own, then it is vital that you look for a species that is suited to the area in which you live. Be aware of the humidity or lack in your area, and choose your roses based on this factor as well as the variations in temperatures. Hot and dry areas will require plants with good root systems and the ability to tolerate heat. Excessive humidity can also be detrimental to some Hybrid Teas, so make sure to find a species that is mildew resistant.

Remember when caring for your Hybrid Teas that these plants bloom every couple on months depending on conditions, and thus they will require extra food for optimum health. They need to be fed once every week, starting with the season. Apply a fertilizer that has been designed for roses, and remember to stop well before the first frost in your area in order to avoid damage to tender new blossoms.

As with most garden plants, there are a few basic rules when it comes to watering Hybrid Teas. To preserve water, apply some mulch (this will also help to insulate root systems in colder areas). Also be sure to apply the water to the soil, and not over the plants via a sprinkler or other such device, as this could lead to the growth of mold.

Hybrid Teas are the most popular rose in the world, and are a beautiful addition to any garden. Their diversity ensures that they are appropriate to almost any climate.

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