The Different Roses You Can Grow In Your Rose Garden

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There are actually many kinds of roses, with each one different from the other. If you are planning to grow your own roses and plant your very own rose garden, what type of rose do you think you should have?

The Floribunda Rose

Gardeners love the floribunda rose simply because it is easy to grow, easy to take care of, and constantly in bloom. The floribunda rose is the result of crossing the modern hybrid tea rose with the polyantha rose. Its flowers are medium-sized, rarely larger than three inches across, and it produces clustering flowers on a single stem. Though the floribunda rose is always in bloom, it is not really known for its perfume. There are nonetheless some kinds of floribunda roses that are indeed perfumed, though these are not common. Floribunda roses grow best in beds although they can also thrive as edgings. If you do not have a lot of space for planting, you can grow floribunda roses in pots without any problems.

The Grandiflora Rose

As its name suggests, the grandiflora rose is a type of rose that blooms in clusters of big flowers. It is a tall and sturdy rose, often growing up to five feet in height. Despite the height, the grandiflora rose does not really require support from a stake; it can support itself. The grandiflora rose has long stems, which make it excellent as cut flowers for inclusion in bouquets and flower arrangements. Another characteristic of the grandiflora rose that makes it so attractive to gardeners is that it blooms constantly when it is in season.

The Hybrid Rose

The hybrid rose is considered to be the most beautiful among roses, and is thought to produce the perfect bloom, blossoming as a double flower with a high cone at its center. It is also the most popular among roses, and they are the typical rose that florists carry in their shops. Hybrid roses are large, and they come in a wide range of colors, including purple and blue. They are also sparse in producing flowers, and each flower grows on a single stem. Hybrid roses require a lot more care than the other types of roses, and it is always necessary to prune them often.

The Miniature Rose
Though miniature roses generally grow up to no more than six inches in height, there are some types of roses that grow up to three feet and yet are considered to be miniature roses. Miniature roses come in large varieties, from shrubs to creepers, and from single-stem blooms to clusters. Some miniature roses are perfumed while some are not. Most miniature roses bloom continuously whenever they are in season, and many gardeners have come to consider them as the only type of roses that can be grown as house plants.

The Polyantha Rose

Mostly grown for breeding purposes, the polyantha rose is older than most of today’s modern roses. It is also not as popular. But for all its low popularity among rose gardeners, the polyantha rose is actually a very hardy flower that is very easy to grow. It usually outlives its more exotic sisters. The polyantha rose blooms late in spring, and it appears as clusters of small, very vividly colored flowers with small leaves. It usually grows up to two feet in height. The polyantha rose grows as a bush and it is best planted in groups.

Caring for Your Rose Garden

Regardless of what kind of rose that you have got planted in your garden or whether you have different types of roses gracing your flower beds, it is important that you spend ample time and effort in caring for your rose garden.

Roses need a lot of water, and they will not be satisfied with brief watering sessions in the morning. They need to get their roots truly soaked, and this can only be done by slow watering over a period of hours. Naturally, you would be too busy to deal with that kind of watering, so it would be a great deal if you install a sort of irrigation system that will help you water your roses whenever you need to.

Constant pruning is another detail that you need to attend to in caring for your rose garden. Dead canes and unhealthy growths need to be cut as soon as they appear so as not to steal nutrients from the healthier canes. Dead blooms need to be removed to encourage the roses to produce more flowers. Regular pruning also airs out the rose plants, letting the air circulate more freely and discourage the growth of disease-causing germs and mold.

Roses also hate the winter season. So that your rose garden would see the coming spring time, they must be protected against the cold of winter.

Caring for your rose garden can be a laborious task, especially if you are growing different kinds of roses. But the rose rewards any effort put into its upkeep by becoming as beautiful a flower as it can be. The rose is the queen of flowers, after all.

Unusual yellow rose in the park summer day

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