Safe Operation Of Garden Tractors

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This article traces history of garden tractors, gives tips in selection of garden tractors and gives information in safe operation of garden tractors. It also gives tips on saving fuel. The article is meant primarily for an amateur gardener, who is interested in maintaining his garden.

Early Stages of Development

The garden tractors were invented towards the end of nineteenth century. The early garden tractors were driven be steam engine. The diesel engine driven tractors appeared just before the First World War. The tractors were immediately adopted for various farm works, such as digging, lifting the soil and putting it somewhere else. This has greatly helped farmers in reducing manual work in farms.

Selection Of Garden Tractors

Selection of garden tractor for your garden will depend primarily on the area you are going to cultivate or maintain with your tractor. If the area is less than an acre, you may consider buying a small tiller with 2 to 3 HP. If the area is large, say more than 5 acres and the area has large boulders which you may want to move, you will have to go in for a large tractor with 15 to 20 HP machine. If the boulders are moved by an external agency as a one-time job, then a smaller tractor will also serve your purpose of normal maintenance of your garden.

Safe Operation of Garden Tractors

Since you would be working in your garden unaided, it is necessary that you operate your tractor in a safe way. In case you have even a minor accident, it may not be possible for you to contact your family members easily. Therefore, it is necessary for you to adopt safe practices all the time.

Ensure that the tractor is in god working condition, and designed for work that you plan to do.

Use seat belts while driving tractor. Unless the tractor turns turtle, you will be safe.

If you are going long distance and with load, on a new path, it is a god idea to walk this section of ground and see any potential trouble that you are likely to encounter.

Keep you eyes on the work you are doing. Do not get distracted.

Do not drive with extra riders on garden tractors EVER.

Always use hand brakes after stopping the tractor or make a positive arrangement so that tractor does not move on its own due to gravity.

Fuel Saving Tips For Garden Tractors

Keep the tractors in trim condition.

Change the fuel filters regularly. Maintain the cleanliness of injectors by servicing tractor regularly. Use fuel additive to reduce fuel injector cleaning frequency.

Clean or change air filters regularly. Clean air and clean fuel accounts for increased fuel efficiency.

Last but not the least; do not overload your tractor.

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