Residential Compost Pickup

Are you looking to help make an impact in your city?

Woman composting in Motgomery, AL

Are you wanting to help the environment but don’t know where to start? or maybe you know where to start but don’t want to put up with the hassle of composting in a small area? Whatever the reason may be, Sow America is here to help. 

Recycling food scraps diverts valuable organic matter from landfills to compost facilities. In landfills, food waste is not given the chance to naturally decompose, releasing methane, a greenhouse gas that is 80x stronger than CO₂. On the other side, recycling organic matter into compost helps pulls carbon from the atmosphere through carbon sequestration.

Finished compost is commonly referred to by farmers as ‘black gold’ because of its benefits as a soil amendment. Compost helps revitalize damaged soil and return nutrients and beneficial bacteria to our living soil so that we can grow stronger, more nutrient dense organic foods.

Help Connect Your Local Economy.

We partner with farmers and gardeners to divert your food waste and put more nutrients back into your LOCAL soil. We not only compost but also use Red Wiggler Worms and Black Soldier Fly Larvae to process your food waste, leaving a “black gold” for gardeners and farmers to use in their soil mixes.

Track your impact, partner with local food producers, and reduce your waste!

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