Feathery Friend seeks Bird Feeder

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You would be hard pressed to find a garden in most cultures which is not visited by birds. A popular feature in gardens are hanging bird feeders made from either metal, plastic or wood on which food can be placed. Because the feeders can be made from such different types of material, they often feature decorations such as leaves and flowers to camouflage them.

There are several different styles of bird feeder available on the market. One of which looks much like a dinner plate and hangs by three chains at different points on the base that can hang from a tree, washing line or hook/nail. Others are similar but hang by just two chains. There are also styles that have a tube with a lid, and the birds land next to the tube and use their beaks to get food from small openings. Tube feeders allow the owner to make their own food that could be in a slightly more liquid form than seeds or nuts. Some bird feeders (mainly the ones that have a tube) have a roof which provides shelter for birds from rain, snow, hail and sleet.

Weather is of course an issue with any feature of a garden. Some metals are prone to rust, and some woods are prone to rot. So how do you overcome this? Most metal bird feeders are anti-rust and there is the additional option of treating them with a waterproof oil or varnish to stop the elements taking their toll. Wooden garden decorations will most likely be made from cedar wood that contains their own natural weatherproof resins. These can also be treated with varnishes to give them further protection.

All feeders provide easy access so that filling up the food for the hungry visitors (or cleaning the feeder) is simple and quick to complete. Open feeders are easiest to refill as you simply pour the food in, whereas tube feeders need to be opened via the lid and resealed.
All bird feeders feature a base onto which birds can land mid flight and easily get access to the food and some styles of bird feeder are much larger than others, allowing more birds to congregate and eat together.

Having such a wide range of bird feeders available means that it is possible to include the hanger in a certain garden decor and match it so that it doesn’t clash with anything else.Please note that hanging bird feeders are different from bird houses and tables. Bird feeders can be placed high or low, in a tree or out in the open.

Having a bird feeder in a garden will attract birds and many people enjoy this. Involving wildlife in a garden can make it seem more natural and a more enjoyable place to spend time. Bird feeders do also, however, provide a more practical purpose. Providing nuts, seeds and bread for birds to eat will prevent them from eating the berries and flowers the garden owner is growing. Also, attracting birds into the garden environment can mean that they will start to eat the slugs, worms and other garden pests most gardeners would rather be rid of.

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