Urban Gardening in the City

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When we think of flowers and plants we also think of nature and not life in the big city. Gardens bring to mind the beauty of the country and peaceful living. Even though many of us live in the city we can still bring a touch of nature to our homes by indoor gardens that we create.

Urban gardens and gardening is a way to bring nature to big urban cities. It gives us the feeling of over coming the concrete and buildings that limit the space and city environment. Today many people have found creative ways to incorporate plants in their city spaces. You can look up and see flowers and plants on windowsills; as well as way up on the top of buildings a tree thats part of a roof top garden.

In the urban environments you can find many people are taking to container gardening as a way of bringing nature into their apartments. Folks like myself even make little gardens on their terraces during the spring and summer. In short gardening reconnects us to a natural environment in a non natural setting.

As more and more high risers go up we find Urban gardening and agriculture becoming quite a normal thing. With Urbanization world wide there is less and less fertile land to cultivate gardens. As a result even societies beyond the Cities world wide are starting to use the idea of Urban gardening to make more food sources available. It give impoverished areas a change to grow fruits and vegetables as a means to help feed the hungry. Recent studies have been done to show that this idea is spreading to those countries where they are plagued with urban poverty.

Besides the aesthetics that urban gardening brings it is another partial help for the world hunger problem. Many vacant lots are now becoming community gardens with fruits, vegetables and flowers to help feed the hungry.

Because of limited space many times we find Urban gardens vary in their sizes, shapes and locations. The temperature range of any particular city seasonally will largely determine the type of plants, flowers, fruits and vegetables one can grow in an urban setting. Considering where the city is located some people can have gardens all year long. It is also within reason that one can have a garden indoors all year long in their apartment too.

The main thing about gardening in a city is your environmental factors have to meet those requirements of the plants you choose to grow. If you live in a colder environment as opposed to a tropical one for example it may be better for you to grow broccoli instead of oranges. The amount of light you have in your apartment is also a consideration. Light and temperature are a large determining factor as to what type of Urban garden you can have in your apartment. If you have low light you get low light plants. In order to be successful with urban gardening you have to work around all your environmental factors including things like climate. Once you understand what conditions working you are working with within your environment you will be able to grow and maintain the garden you desire.

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