Our mission is to :

Regenerate Land and Communities

through education of Agriculture, Entrepreneurship, and Self-Improvement.

Our goal is to help build a self reliant community through Regenerative-organic farming, composting food scraps, and by teaching entrepreneurial skills needed to improve the local community and heal the land.

One of our core principles is that:

Every Community should have access to organic food

Food deserts and poor health go hand in hand. (Especially in urban areas) We aim to get communities involved and to decrease food deserts while increasing health. (Mentally, Physically, and Spiritually)

We Solve Real Problems

what can we do for you?


By collecting food scraps, paper waste, and yard waste, we plan to heal the land by returning vital nutrients and beneficial bacteria back to the earth. Our composting system will consist of Vermicomposting (worms), BSF (black soldier flies), Bokashi, and ASP (Aerated Static Piles).


By gardening in a no-till method, we plan to regenerate the health of the soil and creating a thriving ecosystem, otherwise known as living soil. This means as the garden ages, the soil and plants will become bigger, more pest resistant, and healthier.


We can't do this without your help. The more we work together, the better lives we can live in our communities. We love to work with other farms, restaurants, neighborhoods, churches and other communities

Community outreach/Education

We think the biggest impact comes from influencing others to make an impact. To help accomplish this mission, we plan to regularly host volunteer days along with teaching students about agriculture and entrepreneurship

Site Planning

Have an ideal spot/lot for a garden or farm but don't know where to start? Let us help you plan and build your next garden using regenerative agriculture and permaculture design principles in a way that works with the land for max efficiency.


We are all about saving the bees! Our hive program is still developing but we plant to host Rent-a-hive programs or come to our farm and get some organic honey and bees wax! Bees are great pollinators for a garden so not only will your garden be more fruitful, but you'll also get honey out of it!

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