Giving your Indoor Plants Enough Light

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The three things that all plants need to survive are food, water, and dirt. The food for
plants is created when enough light is provided. The water and dirt part of the equation
are pretty straight forward as long as you follow the recommended care instructions and
don’t forget to water your plants. But how do you ensure that your indoor plants are
getting enough light? Finding the right location in your home may require some trial and
error before you find the perfect spot.

Before deciding on what type of plants you will have in your house, look into the light
requirements. The four categories that describe the different light requirement for plants
are low, medium, high, and very high. If you have a sunroom or skylights in your home
and can position your plants in or under them you can purchase plants that need high or
very high light exposure. Be aware that some plants can get too much sun, in which case
the light that comes in from a regular window should suffice.

There are options you can utilize if you want a certain type of plant and know that your
house is not going to provide it enough light. You can purchase specially designed grow
bulbs to supplement the amount of light the plant is getting. Be aware of the light
requirements for your plants when choosing this lighting method. Although plants
require a lot of light to grow there is such a thing as too much light too. The exact ratio
for your plant may differ but a good guideline to follow is 14 hours of sunlight to 10
hours of darkness.

Your plants will let you know if they are getting too much or not enough light (either
they will begin to look dry or will become limp). Try different locations in your home to
find the best place for them.

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