Beautify Your Garden With A Bridge

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A good way to start the morning is to have a nice walk appreciating the wonders of nature around us. Do you ever imagine having your own little paradise just right outside your backyard? Smelling rows of fresh flowers and enjoy seeing colorful fishes in your very own pond or lagoon. Maybe all of us want to have a getaway to shun off the noise of the buzzing city life. Consider a garden bridge to accentuate your sanctuary and create a focal point to your blooming garden. Garden bridges are gaining popularity among gardens. Bridges are often placed over a small stream, pond or even over rough terrain. It is the perfect touch for an exquisitely made landscape whatever the setting may be.

1. Personalize Your Garden

Garden bridges bring out your creative self. These accents give a more personalized touch in your garden revealing your true character and personality. It also reflects your own personal taste and style, thus, your garden has too its own character. All the choices and decisions you made in styling your garden, even the visual impression are yours. Having a garden bridge in a backyard is an influence of the Far East. Serene locations are often used for rejuvenation and meditation. Therefore, a good way to stay connected in the privacy of your home while rejuvenating and meditating is to create your own quiet place in your backyard. Garden bridges give serenity to the entire garden. It evokes peaceful feelings and clear dispositions.

2. Bridge Selections

Garden bridges are made of either wood or steel – wood is most popular because it gives an elegant and traditional style. There are three popularly chosen woods used for building these bridges: cedar, pine and redwood. They are unique in their features and has a particular desirable characteristics. Galvanized steel garden bridges are also fast gaining popularity because of the high quality materials used for strength, stability and longevity.


Buyers of cedar bridges may be attracted to the timeless natural beauty of this light-colored wood. It is very good for any outdoor furnishing because it resists mold, decay and mildew and repels insects. The two popular types of cedar are the western red and white cedar. Though both have similar qualities, the western red celar may last long than the white ones due to lower levels of natural acid which preserve the cedar. Cedar wood ages well because it does not have the tendency to splinter.


his type of wood is prone to rot if not pressure-treated. Before building the bridge, make sure that the wood is painted or stained and sealed to extend their life line. Its attractive natural color responds well to staining.


Having a durable redwood garden bridge makes for additional style and elegance in your backyard. Redwood stands well against the elements and resist rotting. Lack of maintenance and prolonged exposure stole the vibrancy of its color. But this can be easily restored by using a colored sealer.

3. Starting With Your Garden Bridge

– Online sites of Garden Bridges provide you with the best choices, great deals and valuable information to help you started.
– Different series and style are available for you to choose from. Make sure you have already an idea on paper like a drawing of your dream bridge.
– You can base and compare the style available from the look you want like:

4. Villa Style

– Rustic, country look
– Colonial, medieval design
– Pathway Bridge looks like a pedestrian bridge more in tune to Japanese style garden bridges used for zen meditation. They call this the Water Garden Series
– Romantic style bridges

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